Summer Reading Reviews

Libby and Alex’s Book Review- August 2018 

Thank  you to Libby and Alex Darcy for your summer reading reviews.

There’s still time to grab a copy of their recommended summer books 😊

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Whole School Literacy

Although within our 2015 Ofsted inspection it states ‘Students are achieving well in English.’ The Inspection also highlighted ‘There are a few opportunities for students to practise specific literacy and numeracy skills in subjects
other than in English and in mathematics.’

With this in mind we refreshed and invigorated our literacy policy to include a whole school literacy calendar.  All subjects would use the calendar focus within lessons and clearly reiterate  the need for excellent literacy across the curriculum.

MFL followed and embedded the literacy calendar weekly focus of ‘sentence structures’.

This resulted in the following piece of exemplary extended writing using a variety of developed sentence structures.

Ms Curry explains ‘literacy’ in action.

 On dit que je suis intelligente, cependant je ne suis pas d’accord, mais je dois admettre que je suis très débrouillarde.
It is said that I am intelligent, however I don’t agree, but I must admit that I am resourceful.
As well as using the literacy chart when marking work, we also have a language specific mark scheme (for example: w.o stands for word order. : Mon copain Ben aime aussi le sport (“My friend Ben likes also sport“) as adverbs generally go after the verb in French.



mfl lit

Work on it Wednesday


Meet in the English area every Wednesday lunch for English advice and support.

Please come equipped with an area for development.

It could be:

  • SPAG work.
  • Using the reading ladder.
  • Understanding plot and themes.
  • Writing tools.

Open to all Year groups.