Writing Challenge

Jan 2016

Feb2 2016

January Winner

Keavy Day 8B1:

I will attempt to actually keep any resolution I make, so I don’t have to throw this list away with the previous hopes and dreams of years before, including to-do lists and never-gonna’-happen projects, which I’d much sooner forget about than actually do.

I will try to be a better person to other people, so nobody has to feel upset because of anything I’ve said, so hopefully my voice will be associated with positivity, and people will see me as nice instead of a grumpy person who doesn’t get along with most of humanity.

I will carry on being happy, no matter what may happen, and try to miss people in a less negative way, so I don’t forget about those that I love, but I don’t have to be upset them by upsetting myself.

I will pursue my hobbies, (less philosophical than the last two, I know) so I can finally draw hands, and actually learn to play an instrument, so I can stop drawing people on intricate hand-hiding poses, or violently “strumming” an un-tuned guitar until it sounds somewhat decent.

I will actually get things I’ve wanted to do done, which probably contradicts previous resolutions, but alas, I can dream.

I will, in conclusion, make sure that 2016 is a better year than the last, and make sure that I avoid most bad things, like eating terribly so I end up at the doctors office with acid problems, or doing homework the night before and making a piece of garbage, and most importantly of all, I will actually get some flipping sleep.



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