Student Voice – JLT


Year 8

You said….

‘We would like more challenge’

We created a new ‘Fairy Tale’ unit for the more able students

Year 9

You said….

‘The evidence folder is confusing’

We introduced ‘Progress books’ in order for you to clearly track your progress.

Year 10

You said…

‘We would like library lessons’

We introduced a ‘pilot’ library lesson with 10b2

Who are the JLT?

The English Junior Leadership Team (JLT) provide a voice for English students within each year group.

We meet every Tuesday morning during registration.

Look out for their blog entries.

Life in  an English lesson

The schools’ English lessons are an absolute amazing place to be.

I can guarantee by the end of the lesson you’d wish that time would stop so you could stay and learn more.

But it’s not just what you learn; it’s who teaches you.

All the teachers will treat you with care, respect, and appreciation, as they want the best for you.

As well as the teachers, there is the case of what we are taught.  We are taught interesting things as well as fun things.  If anyone said to me ‘Oh that was boring’ I’d think that they had something wrong with them.

I love English! It is my upmost favourite subject.

I know now that thanks to these lessons I will go far in life.

Matthew Giles (Year 9)

In English lessons we have the freedom to let our minds wander with creative writing.

This enables us to show our personality through our writing which is actually how most of us get our higher marks.

Therefore, many students find English to be their favourite subject as it is likely to be the only one in which they have the freedom to write in their own style.

Karenza Hampell (Year 10)


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